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Price increases effective 09/15/2015: Please consult individual product pages in the catalog for price changes. New prices will be in effect for all orders received after Labor Day.

Veal Heart Alert

The veal hearts supplied in previous years for use with the CIBT lab "The Broken Heart" are no longer available. A new heart product is being substituted. The new hearts are smaller, still frozen - not preserved, and will be more affordable. Teachers who have already placed orders will be contacted directly to discuss the suitability of the replacement. Anyone wishing to order should consult the Product Pages for details.


New Lab Activity

Communicating with Light

Optical data transmission has revolutionized the telecommunications industry. A new lab from CIPT explores the basic features of communicating with light.




Featured Lab Activity

HIV Testing

A CIBT activity exploring the use of an Enzyme Linked ImmunoSorbant Assay (ELISA) to test for disease exposure. Originally written during the early years of the HIV/Aids epidemic both the ELISA and this activity remain important diagnostic and pedagogic tools up to this day. Learn how this activity can be used to enhance teaching of many topics in biology.