About West Hill Bio

 Mark on his farm in Upstate New York

Mark on his farm in Upstate New York

Mark Baustian established West Hill Biological in 1998 as a resource for teachers committed to excellence and innovation in biology instruction. Mark holds a BS and MS in biology and a PhD in Animal Physiology. He believes the lab activities and supplies available through West Hill Biological will excite students and he is committed to helping teachers realize the full potential of these extraordinary products in their classroom.

West Hill Biological began as a source for the highly acclaimed lab activities developed by the Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers (CIBT).  In 2003, West Hill Bio was approached by the Center for Nanoscale Systems Institute for Physics Teachers (CIPT) to collaborate in promoting the classroom activities they were developing for the physics teaching lab. As a distributor of hands-on laboratory activities and the materials needed to use them, West Hill Bio is your valued partner in bringing science to life for young learners.

West Hill Biological is located in beautiful Upstate New York about 15 miles south of Ithaca.


Our Service Pledge to You

"Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality, affordable, and convenient teaching resources. We actively solicit your feedback on how to improve our products and encourage you to visit the Customer Feedback pages of our website for suggestions on using or improving our products.

West Hill Biological is proud of our long affiliation with both CIBT and CIPT.  We are committed to the promotion and support of their highly acclaimed lab activities.

CIBT (The Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers) is a program, funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, that introduces teachers to recent advances in biotechnology, develops labs for classroom use and promotes interactions between scientists and teachers of all grade levels. 

To learn more about CIBT programs and upcoming events visit their website

  • Our website provides downloadable CIBT labs in PDF format. 
  • Our catalog provides many unique and unusual products designed specifically for the CIBT labs.

CIPT (The CNS Institute for Physics Teaches) is a program jointly sponsored by the Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS), and the Cornell University Department of Physics and School of Continuing Education and Summer Sections.  CIPT provides high school physics teachers a unique opportunity for professional development by introducing them to recent advances in physics and related engineering applications.   CIPT has an active program of lab development that emphasizes hands-on activities designed to meet  the time  and budget constraints of the typical high school classroom. 

To learn more about CIPT programs and upcoming events visit their website.

  • Our website provides downloadable CIPT labs in PDF format.
  • Our catalog provides many unique and unusual products designed specifically for the CIPT labs.