Aids Transmission

A CIBT Lab Exercise in Health and Medical Technology



This activity can be done easily in a classroom setting. The materials are readily available and are safe for students to handle. Role playing is involved and every student takes an active part. It’s FUN! (Awesome is the word my 10th graders used!) This is the best way I can imagine to introduce such a sensitive/vital issue in a non-embarrassing way and still get the message across: the HIV virus is transmitted by sharing body fluids, there are specific high risk behaviors, and what you choose to do is the greatest determining factor in whether or not you contact the disease. There is a concern that has been expressed by some teachers that this subject needs to be dealt with in a way that all students can feel comfortable. In some schools there may be HIV positive students in our classes and many students have personal experience with friends and relatives who are HIV positive. 


Appropriate Levels

Life Science, High School, Honors, or Advanced Placement Biology  


Time Required

One, or more, 45-minute periods depending on how much discussion you choose to include. 



Silver Nitrate (AgNO3) 
Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
Test Tubes

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Richard Lord, Presque Isle High School, Presque Isle, Maine

Ellen Ross, Scarborough High School, Scarborough, Maine

Shirley Peron, Vernon Verona Sherrill High School

Ron Walker, Rush-Henrietta High School