Chemistry for Biology

Enhance Your Student's Laboratory Experience Using These Highly Acclaimed CIBT Lab Activities

In the modern world of drug development and pharmaceuticals, little is of more biological significance than the shape of macromolecules such as proteins, nucleic acids and carbohydrates. "Biological Shapes" is an innovative activity exploring the factors that determine the shape of large molecules. It can be integrated with free computerized molecular visualization software to help students see what the molecular structures underlying an organisms form and function look like.

If you've never exposed your students to the use of molecular visualization tools such as Protein Explorer or RasMol West Hill Bio can help you get started. Just contact us for help obtaining the software and for ideas about using it in your classroom.

The "Blood" lab is a well rounded investigation of the properties of a biological tissue. The lab provides excellent opportunities to make measurements and collect data. It is also a very good microscopy activity. The activity contains many sub parts that can be done together or on an ala carte basis depending on the time and resources available.