Exploring Electric Circuits Using a Water Analogy

A CIPT Lab Exercise in Modern Physics


Properties of electric circuits such as current, potential, resistance and the relationships between them are often taught using a water analogy.  Water circuits provide an excellent comparison to simple electric circuits, but few students have experience with fluid dynamics.  This lab allows a hands-on investigation of water flow: including current, pressure and resistance, in series and parallel arrangements, which can be related to electric current, potential and electric resistance.

Appropriate Levels

Physics: Grades 11 & 12

Time Required

Two 80-minute class periods.


The Water Circuit Kit is available from West Hill Biological Resources as Catalog # CNS-201 for $145.95.

Additional flowmeters can be purchased as Catalog # CNS-202 for $29.95 each.

CNS-201 - Exploring Electric Circuits
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