Health and Medical Technology

Enhance Your Student's Laboratory Experience Using These Highly Acclaimed CIBT Lab Activities

These activities most directly involve topics of human health concern and are appropriate for the general high school or Advanced Placement classroom.

"AIDS Transmission" is a variation on an activity that models the epidemiology of disease transmission by intimate physical contact. It can be used with other labs available on the internet that similarly model transmission of disease by indirect contact.

 The "HIV Testing" activity walks students through a real ELISA test illustrating one of the most widely used tests to screen for disease exposure in the world today. As written, the lab focuses on the HIV/AIDS pandemic, but the headlines are repleat with examples of disease outbreaks for which ELISA tests are used as the first line screening test. Examples include, hepatitis C, SARS, MERS, and many others. Couple that with the "AIDS Transmission" activity and students will get a good picture of disease surveillance in public health today.

The urinalysis lab was originally conceived as a technology lab centered around the use of chemical indicator strips. the activity provides opportunity for group participation and role playing as students try to sort through what the results of various urine tests reveal about the function of the kidney,

In the heart lab students get a review of basic cardiac anatomy and can try their hand at repairing blocked coronary blood vessels.

The "cocktail" is a molecular imaging activity that explores the problems of drug resistance in treatment of disease. this activity is a good companion lab for the HIV testing activity but is equally valuable as a stand alone introduction to the use of protein visualization software.