How Many Cats

A CIBT Lab Exercise in Molecular Biology



In this paper simulation, students will "cut" DNA samples from a mother, a baby, a husband, and a rape suspect using a restriction endonuclease. They will then "run" the DNA fragments on a "gel" to simulate the process of electrophoresis. A fluorescent probe is then washed over the gel. Finally, students will analyze the gel to identify the father of the baby.


Appropriate Levels

Biology, Honors Biology, Advanced Placement Biology.


Time Required

Teacher Preparation: Minimal. In Class: One standard class period to perform the simulation and one standard period to discuss the results.



  • large sheet of paper or poster board for gel (at least 60 cm x 80 cm) - This lab can also be done using an overhead projector and transparencies. Click on Tips for this Lab
  • scissors and tape (or glue)
  • set of base sequences representing the "Standards," "Mother DNA," "Child DNA," "Suspect DNA," and "Husband DNA"
  • set of "Probe" sequences copied onto brightly colored paper envelopes to act as wells to hold restriction fragments
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