Molecular Biology

Enhance Your Student's Laboratory Experience Using These Highly Acclaimed CIBT Lab Activities

The activities listed in this section cover a broad range of topics related to molecular biology and genetics. Several of the labs feature hands on experience with the methods of molecular investigation and require specialized equipment, while others emphasize the conceptual basis for important molecular techniques and can be done without specialized equipment.

A solid introduction to molecular forensics, that does not require expensive equipment or supplies, can be achieved using the excellent "How Many Cats" and "Statistics and Probability in the Evaluation of DNA Evidence" activities to show how DNA evidence is processed and interpreted, respectively. These labs can be done using ordinary classroom materials. West Hill Bio has a set of facsimiles of the actual DNA gels from the real criminal trial from which the evidence in this activity was obtained. They can be purchased on our products page.

The "Karyotype Analysis" lab uses a commercially available karyotype kit. Ordering  information is available on the Karyotype analysis activity page. West Hill Bio offers an excellent set of karyotype images to accompany this activity.