Enhance Your Student's Laboratory Experience Using These Highly Acclaimed CIBT Lab Activities

These activities are best suited for use in Advanced Placement labs. As written the two respirometry activities describe the use of a piece of equipment that is not widely available today. However, the activity can be done using computerized flow meters available from various scientific equipment suppliers. The respirometry labs are very fun to do and very relevant to contemporary issues in health and disease such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These labs are well suited to doing in large groups or as a whole class if computer projection equipment is available. For help in implementing these labs contact West Hill Biological Resources.

The "Blood Vessel" lab uses a very simple apparatus to demonstrate important aspects of blood vessel function that have very important real world significance in the modern age of high blood pressure and athlerosclerosis. This activity is also well suited for demonstration in a lecture setting or as a small group activity in a traditional student lab context.