Enhance Your Student's Laboratory Experience Using These Highly Acclaimed CIBT Lab Activities

The activities contained in this section include some of the most popular CIBT labs ever. Each of the labs can be done singly or several of the labs can be used to create a reproductive biology module. These activities are suitable for any High School level biology course from intro level biology to Advanced Placement.

West Hill Bio provides frozen specimens of the pregnant bovine reproductive tract, bovine ovaries and testes, as well as live cattle semen for microscopic examination. The "Fetal Development" activity uses photographic images that students measure and analyze to record developmental milestones. The knowledge gained can be used to assess the gestational age of the real fetus(es) in the pregnant cow uterus. Two labs (Male Repro and the Hyperactivity) use live spermatozoa to provide a very exciting real world opportunity for students to hone their microscopy skills while learning some important information about the biology of gametes.