LED Arrays, constant current, battery operated


LED Arrays, constant current, battery operated

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This was the original LED array design. It uses a constant current source to power the LEDs and technically may be the best way to measure Plank's constant. These arrays proved problematic in the hands of students. A small number over heated. This was a problem we could never reproduce in the testing despite our most abusive efforts. Yet it happened so I took these off the market. I have one of these that I have used for over 10 years with no problems. The buyer assumes responsibility for supervising the use of these according to instructions provided. Batteries not included.

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The kit contains reagents to simulate, urinary tract infection, glucosuria, dehydration, ketonuria, proteinuria, bilirubinuria, and kidney stones. Each kit contains one laminated photo of urine sediments that is used to assess several of the cases. 

Kit does not contain multifunction urine test strips.

Teacher is required to provide pigments to complete the solutions. See product package insert for information on how to color solutions.

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Package Insert: #EDB-201