CNS-301 - Cloud Chamber


CNS-301 - Cloud Chamber

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This small cloud chamber was designed for use with the Lab Activity Investigating Cosmic Rays produced by the Outreach Program of the Laboratory for Elementary Particle Physics at Cornell University.

The activity requires dry ice and >70% isopropol alcohol which are not provided. Dry ice can be obtained from many dairies and ice cream shops. If purchasing alcohol at a pharmacy be sure that you do not buy 70% isopropanol.

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Required materials not included in the kit are:

  • dry ice*
  • isopropyl alcohol (91% or higher)**
  • a flashlight or other source of illumination.

* Dry ice can be obtained from local suppliers.
**Isopropyl alcohol can be obtained from retail outlets. Check carefully to avoid getting 70% isopropanol which will not work.

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